UDUK™ Blind Undefine Morph Interpolation - BUMI

Search for minimal 2 tracks to morph a collection of song buffer from Spotify. Don't forget to click Play Track.

Other techniques:

  • Morph Synth Cosine
  • Morph Hosted Audio
  • RBM on Audio
  • RBM on Image
  • CRBM on Image
  • How this works:

    1. Search for 2 Tracks from Spotify
    2. Collect the n-second buffer preview
    3. Dilate them together
    4. Apply interpolation
    5. Bang it to the user

    Next Gen : UDUK Buffer Medley (U BM)

  • Random Buffer crawler - ZStalk
  • Collect small frames
  • Extract features
  • Similarity distiller
  • Generate Buffer Medley